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Places to visit near Pasadena with Live Music

Each one of us are so busy in our daily life activities that
we tend to forget our own families and relatives. Family is that feeling which
gives us compassion, love, support and care. We all are just incomplete without
our families. Sometimes, we even tend to forget some of them due to our work
pressures. But we should be aware enough to give proper time to them. The best
thing through which we can give them quality time is by
planning some holiday trip or travelling to some place which will give solace.

Rent a Car

You can always take a car on rent and make a trip plan with
your family to some place with live music. We have seen places around Pasadena
which are full of live musicians. They are very soothing for our ears as well
as for our tensed mind. You can enjoy the music and give them some perks. In
this way, you can have entertainment and the musician can earn its living.

Music, Food and Fun


Your trip is incomplete without food. And if food gets combined
with music, then it creates a whole different aura which is totally refreshing.
You can search some places near Pasadena that gives a good combination of food
and drinks. Following are some of the reviews from the customers who have
visited the live music and food places near Pasadena:

  • Edwin Mills 

    from Equator, is a good place if you want to have some brunch. Also,
    tuna bites, crabby puff and many more items are delicious at this place.

  • The Speakeasy

    , provides a great intimate atmosphere. The interior is decorated
    with lamps and red lights.


  • The Cellar,

    a second name that can be given to this place is ‘Wine Library’. It
    provides a nice ambience with a lot of wine stands and books stacked. Service
    may be a bit slow but provides an ultimate enjoyment to you.

  • Muse,

    an orchestra group that runs on no profit. The music is enthralling. You can enjoy
    the best cozy moments here if you are planning to visit this place with your


  • Magnolia House

    is a place which looks cool from outside and feels great from
    inside. The glass windows adds a special effect to this place. You can anytime
    visit this place to have some cool time with your family and relatives.


  • Foothill, 

    is another great place with all types of music vibes including oldies and
    new ones. You can also sample your food if you cannot have it whole there


  • Rose, 

    plays their live music with great sound quality. This place is famous for being


  • Rancho Bar, 

    where the bar tenders are very friendly. It gives a smooth and soft
    atmosphere. It is the best suggested place if you want to hang up with your


  • Hotel Café, 

    a place to fulfill your hunger for Jazz music. It also comes with a
    great variety of food items. The sound collection was very responsive.

Listed here are few destinations. But there are a huge
number of other places that you can also explore.

So, what are you waiting for! Just gather your family
members for planning, rent a car and move to any of these places to spend your
quality time.